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Introduction to Aviation Management

Introduction to Aviation Management

Course Overview

Welcome to the dynamic and fascinating world of the Aviation Industry! A rewarding world full of surprises, money, prestige and glory. Designed for senior, middle and junior level managers currently working in the aviation business or professionals entering the industry and seeking a new managerial role, the course allows participants to blend aviation knowledge with management strategies and techniques. Trainees are facilitated to strengthen their skills and competencies in the key topics of contemporary management and particularly to develop their capabilities in the main areas and functions of Aviation Management. In the epicentre of the course is the application of knowledge and skills in the Airline and Airport business. A pioneering course which expands on several key disciplines pertinent to aviation management and the aviation industry as such.

Learning Objectives:

Appreciate the dynamic and fascinating nature of the aviation industry
Identify the components and stakeholders of the Aviation business
Recognize the international perspective of the Aviation industry
Understand the fundamentals of the Airline and Airport business
Consider the many opportunities open to the aviation stakeholders
Recognize the various challenges and limitations faced by the aviation organizations
Develop an aviation management toolbox
Think and act strategically and in a sustainable and robust manner
Learn how to apply the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies for the benefit of yourself and/or your organization

Target Audience:

This training course is designed for senior, middle and junior level managers, currently working in the aviation industry, or professionals entering the industry and seeking a managerial role and/or for anyone who wishes to acquire Aviation Management knowledge and understanding and/or pursue a career in the aviation industry

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years